What Laughter Tells Us: Asian Americans, Comedy and Belonging

Through clips of Asian American stand-up comedians, Professor Michelle Liu explores how humor can change the patterns of belonging that everyone in the United States has inherited. Laughter shapes the way we listen to each other, and can be a signal of who belongs—and who doesn’t. While everyone finds different things funny, we all have […]

Lecture by William Woodward – Will the 2020s Roar like the 1920s

A pandemic, protests, and economic jolts ushered in the so-called “Roaring Twenties.” Americans adjusted in ways both innovative and counterproductive. What lessons from the 1920s can we apply to our own looming 20s? Historian William Woodward charts the eerily familiar developments of a century ago: shattered idealism, social clashes, domestic terrorism, culture wars, disorienting technologies, […]

Lecture: Here’s to the Women!

Here’s to the Women! A presentation by Linda Allen Thursday, 9/17/2020 7 PM, FREE & Online – Please email artscenter@columbiabasin.edu for the Zoom login information. Hosted by Friends of the Richland Public Library The silencing of women’s experience and the empowering of women’s voices as they struggled for the vote are showcased in this entertaining […]