Lecture by Terry Andre – Postcards From the Park

Beeswax britches, mysterious wake-up calls, bicycling the Cascades, and “wish you were here” messages chronicle the experiences of visitors to Washington’s state and national parks. Discover the stories that emerge from the images, postmarks, and narratives on vintage postcards sent during the early 1900s and beyond. Explore Washington from the Eastern WA Dry Falls and […]

Lecture by Steve Edmiston – Whiskey and Wiretaps: The Northwest’s Rumrunning King

On Thanksgiving Day, 1925, Roy Olmstead was trapped by federal prohibition agents and their Tommy guns on a lonely Puget Sound dock. His reign as the Northwest’s most prolific bootlegger had ended. But big questions—political, cultural, and legal—remained. Why did Olmstead, the youngest lieutenant in Seattle Police Department history, form a secret gang to take […]

Lecture by William Woodward – Will the 2020s Roar like the 1920s

A pandemic, protests, and economic jolts ushered in the so-called “Roaring Twenties.” Americans adjusted in ways both innovative and counterproductive. What lessons from the 1920s can we apply to our own looming 20s? Historian William Woodward charts the eerily familiar developments of a century ago: shattered idealism, social clashes, domestic terrorism, culture wars, disorienting technologies, […]

Lecture by Eric Wagner – After the Blast: Mount St. Helens 40 Years Later

Erick Wagner

Note: This presentation will be on Zoom – please use this link to register . . . the link will be emailed to you prior to the event. On May 18, 1980, the world watched in awe as Mount St. Helens erupted, killing 57 people and causing hundreds of square miles of destruction. Everyone thought it would […]