John Bissonette Possible Projects Sample

Possible Projects

Presented by John Bissonette
June 29 through August 18

Virtually – link TBA

John began this work at the end of 2019 as a way to remove extraneous information from his work and speak bluntly and directly to the viewer. As 2020 has progressed and COVID-19 has become an ever-present part of reality, they have taken on a different sort of significance. Sheltering in place has made him aware of both the comforts of home and the significance of the things we surround ourselves with.

This type of photorealistic drawing is a slow process by which an image is developed over time: first, the contours, rough outlines, and generalized forms followed by formless patterns of light and dark. Gradually an image gains the appearance of solidity and depth. This process affords him time to reflect on the object(s) pictured, to enter a meditative state and focus entirely on process and relationships, and to think of what the next drawing will be.

These drawings are: a demarcation of time. Love letters to my wife and family. A view from the inside looking out. A distraction.

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Jun 29 2020 - Aug 18 2020


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