Pause in Flow: Reconsidering the Columbia River

In this exhibition, John Holmgren and Nick Conbere present photographs, drawings, and mixed-media prints that explore ways to visually interpret manipulations and transitions of landforms, based on observations of the dams of the Columbia River in both Canada and the United States. A central theme is the struggle to comprehend the implications of human constructions that drastically alter forces of nature. While much imagery comes from time spent on the river and direct observation, the artistic content also includes archival information such as historical charts, photographs, and ephemera. Our content references larger uses of water in relation to the dams, such as power generation, irrigation, salmon migrations, and flood control, in relation to social and ecological impacts. The works present a re-imagining of constructed space as we use layering of various media to explore implications of alterating natural landscapes. We aim to have real-world information resonate aesthetically and metaphorically, creating a space for the imagination.


Pause in Flow: Reconsidering the Columbia River
Presented by John Holmgren and Nick Conbere
Esvelt Gallery
June 27 – August 18, 2022
Work that includes a mix of Photograph, Drawing, Etching, and Screen-printing
Gallery Hours:
Monday thru Thursday: 7:30am-5pm
Friday: 7:30am-12:30pm


Jun 27 2022


8:00 AM


CBC Arts Center Esvelt Gallery
P Building