Lecture by Dr. Richard Scheuerman Hallowed Harvests -The Story of Humanity in Twelve Farm Paintings

Thursday, January 20, 2022
7 PM, Franklin County Historical Society
Agrarian scenes are among the most prominent works by great artists throughout history. From van Gogh and Picasso to American regionalist Thomas Hart Benton and primitivist Grandma Moses, they focus attention on life’s essentials and the beauty of the countryside known to rural inhabitants since time immemorial. Progressive change to promote wellbeing of landscapes and future generations can be unwisely limited by amnesia as well as nostalgia. Amnesia is to forget about cultural legacies bequeathed by ancestors and society, and nostalgic appeals to life in some halcyon past often overlook the challenges of such times. But memory is a critical discipline that informs appreciation of fine art and folk creations. We remember places, mark meaningful lines, and appreciate paintings for synergy and solidarity to foster human flourishing and stewardship of the land.


Jan 20 2022


7:00 PM - 8:00 PM


Franklin County Historical Society & Museum