Jazz Unlimited Jazz Choirs

Since 1972, CBC has had the honor of hosting Concert Bands, Jazz Bands, Concert Choirs and Jazz Choirs in its annual Jazz Unlimited festival. Students from Middle and High Schools throughout Washington State, Idaho, and Oregon participate in a four-day competition that spans over two weekends in April.

The festival, which has grown substantially since its inception, harbors approximately a total of 3,000 to 3,800 students (400 – 1,400 students a day) to compete throughout the festival’s duration. Winners are selected by the judges for various categories based on the size of the school and several other classifications.

The purpose of Jazz Unlimited, although competitive, embraces a significant educational component at its core. Each contesting group is given an evaluation with written and recorded comments on their performance alongside verbal remarks provided the evaluators. One the judges will work in a critique session with the contesting group immediately following their performance.

The festival also features clinics, special musical guests, and concerts available for participating students and instructors to view.

Let’s make this years Jazz Unlimited festival unforgettable!


Apr 20 2024


8:00 AM