Artist Lecture with Lisa Gordillo

Join us for an artist lecture with Lisa Gordillo on February 1st at 4:30 pm online via Zoom.

Register in advance for this webinar HERE.

Lisa Gordillo’s exhibition, Arena is a collection of sculptures that respond to U.S. involvement in Guatemala, and to covert-overt international acts of violence. The exhibit includes several larger floor sculptures, a collection of smaller structures, paper works, and an audio installation. Sculptures in the exhibit are often formed by repetition of a resonant object: Textile braids, standing in for human hair, are organized in a formation of twenty: twenty is one Mayan number for “a body.” Plaster casts mark the space between cupped hands; painted texts mark phrases of Guatemalan poetry alongside code names of military intervention. The exhibit speaks to our intertwined international histories – often unacknowledged, but increasingly resonant in times of global human rights crises


Feb 01 2022


4:30 PM