Esvelt Gallery Virtual Exhibit: Arena presented by Lisa Gordillo


Presented by Lisa Gordillo

January 3 through February 4, 2022

Arena is a collection of sculptures that respond to U.S. involvement in Guatemala, and to covert-overt international acts of violence. The exhibit includes several larger floor sculptures, a collection of smaller structures, paper works, and an audio installation. Sculptures in the exhibit are often formed by repetition of a resonant object: Textile braids, standing in for human hair, are organized in a formation of twenty: twenty is one Mayan number for “a body.” Plaster casts mark the space between cupped hands; painted texts mark phrases of Guatemalan poetry alongside code names of military intervention. The exhibit speaks to our intertwined international histories – often unacknowledged, but increasingly resonant in times of global human rights crises.

The Esvelt Gallery would like to thank the ASCBC for their support. For more information and the Artsteps web link, please email 


Jan 03 2022


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